THE SMALL PRINT Terms and Conditions

We assume that if you make a booking at Abbotstone Wood you understand the basis on which we operate. If you go on reading our bookings policy and our rules are spelt out below, but in summary;

·         We want to be as flexible as possible, but we are running a business and when it rains or you decide not to come, we do not expect to refund your deposit or pre-paid pitch fees, just as when the sun shines we do not charge you a premium. We expect you to act in accordance with the limited rules, particularly those regarding camp fires. We want you and your family/friends to have a great time in the woods, but it is a dangerous environment and therefore we expect you to take care and acknowledge your responsibilities if accidents occur for which we cannot be held responsible. We want you to stay up looking at the stars and listening to the trees and wild animals with your friends, but we need you to acknowledge that you are not alone on the campsite.

·     We seek to offer a great experience and straightforward value without any hidden charges and we hope in return our visitors understand the concept and are looking for a great break at our campsite. Our success is wholly dependent on providing satisfaction which in turn requires that our visitors understand and uphold our guiding principles. However sometimes there is misunderstanding and it’s just easier to see it written down so everyone knows what they are agreeing too. So the following are the terms and conditions that you are agreeing to, when you book for a visit to Abbotstone Wood Campsite.

If you are unsure about any of the above, you must read our Rules, Booking Policies and Responsibilities before you make a booking with Abbotstone Wood Campsite using the Camping Unplugged system. We have to assume that you have read and understand these when you make a booking to visit Abbotstone Wood

We are lucky to have been able to work with Camping Unplugged to develop a booking system which we hope allows bookings to be managed by you and us more effectively. Camping Unplugged is owned and operated by Camping Unplugged Ltd. Abbotstone Wood Camping takes no responsibility for any bookings that are not delivered by the Camping Unplugged System, but we will do everything we can to ensure that this does not happen.

Some detailed explanation

Booking System

Camping Unplugged is our automated booking process which allows us to effectively manage our bookings. The system uses PayPal to effect payments to us. You can of course still pay with a debit/credit card once you have registered your details. Camping Unplugged will not  use or sell any of the data it retains on its system and will ensure that all such data is secure and only used by Abbotstone Wood Camping in its management of the camping and directly connected businesses. Camping Unplugged Ltd is an independent company not controlled by Abbotstone Wood Camping and consequently Abbotstone Wood Camping cannot be held responsible for any errors that occur in the performance of the system.


Booking Types

When you book with Abbotstone Wood Camping you will be classified as either a Group Booking or an Individual Booking. The reason is simple; being that if the campsite is to reserve large areas for a booking, it must be ensured that the visitors will both turn up and turn up for the nights booked and in the numbers agreed. If you make a Group Booking, Abbotstone Wood Camping will do its utmost to ensure that you have a specified area on arrival with sufficient space to accommodate all the members of your group. If you make an individual booking, while we will endeavour to offer you the area you require, this cannot be guaranteed.

Group Bookings

Any booking for 12 adults or more will automatically be classified as a Group Booking. We will consult with you as to where you want to pitch and we will be flexible with regard to final numbers, both before final payment and on arrival. However we will not expect the total amount agreed to be paid to be reduced, should there be last minute drop outs or early departures. Payment terms for Group Bookings are strictly 50% of the total fee paid on confirmation with the remaining 50% paid at least 28 days before arrival. We will hold pitches while the numbers are finalised and will communicate with you if confirmation and payment is required before the booking is cancelled.

Individual Bookings

Any booking that is not classified as a Group Booking is treated as an Individual Booking. With individual bookings there can be no guarantee that you will get the pitch you require and if members of a large group book as individuals, we cannot guarantee you will all be able to pitch together. We would rather that visitors who want to visit with friends, book together so we can ensure that they have the space they require. Abbotstone Wood does not have any pitches as such, therefore we cannot effectively allocate pitches to visitors outside of the Group Booking process. There are also a limited number of areas that are available for big groups and if these have been allocated for existing Group Bookings they will not be available to defragged groups. (definition on request!). Payment terms for Individual Bookings are simply 50% of the total fee on booking and the remainder payable on arrival at the campsite. We are always happy to add the extra couple of people, but we will not refund the deposit for last minute drop outs or early departures. Once the full fee is paid on arrival we will not refund any part of the fee received should you decide to depart early. Sorry!



Abbotstone Wood has two charging schemes. We do not have peak, low season or long stay rates because we think if you come in low season you get acres of space, a fantastic environment and it costs us the same to provide it. Abbotstone Wood attracts a lot of large family and adult groups which require guaranteed space, therefore we do not offer any group discounts. We do not charge any extras, we do not have electrical hook-ups and you can spend as long as you like in the shower. Extras are buying wood or general, but if you want to just chill, walk your dog, park your car and get a shower, there are no additional charges.

2019 Standard Rates

Our standard rate is £17.50 per adult per night, with a minimum stay of 2 nights for weekends and 3 nights for Bank Holidays. In low season we will consider one night bookings, but reserve the right to charge 50% more for Saturday night only.

Family Rates

We offer a discounted family rate of £15.00 per adult per night and £8.00 per child of age 3 and over, per night. Children under 3 are free. We reserve the right to charge 50% more for Saturday night only.


Refunding Deposits before arrival

We are very happy to amend bookings with a minimum notice of 30 days and will try and work with you should your plans change, however we cannot guarantee that we will always be able to meet your requirements.

Group Bookings

If you are making a Group Booking a 50% deposit is required on confirmation. Because our Group Pitches are sold many months in advance for most weekends we cannot refund the deposit unless 90-days notice is given.  If 90 days notice is given we will refund 90% of the deposit which reflects the costs incurred by us to administer the refund and paying third party fees. Once the full fee has been paid, no refund will be offered. Any refunds will be paid within 90 days of the cancellation being received.

Individual Bookings

We will refund 90% of any deposit paid if 28 days notice is given. 


Cancellations and Changes of Heart

When you make a booking and pay a deposit, you are agreeing to the terms and numbers included in the original booking. If you decide to go home early or some of your party do not turn up, we cannot refund the deposit we have already taken in respect of the original booking. In the case of Group Bookings we cannot refund any of the amount already paid for no shows or early departures. Sadly when the sun shines we do not charge more and when the rain comes we have to make a living.

Making a Booking with Abbotstone Wood Camping

Bookings for Abbotstone Wood Camping should be made using  Camping Unplugged. While not wishing to make things unduly complicated the booking process is made up of several stages.


The first stage is to request a booking by logging into, entering your details and the details of the booking required. 



Having entered your booking and assuming that there is availability you should be able to pay your deposit using the PayPal payment service, but with a debit/credit card, as well as using your Paypal account if you have one.



One you have paid the deposit the booking is confirmed and except in the case of group bookings you need do nothing further. For Group bookings a reminder for final payment will be sent out 6 weeks before arrival.



You can email us at any time with any questions you may have and we do our utmost to accommodate your requests. However we do have a fairly ruthless cancellation policy!